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My Grandmother's Students

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Mary Viola (Sharp) Shapiro (1907-1979) was my maternal Grandmother. She was also a public schoolteacher in Texas and in the Panama Canal Zone for an amazing 43 years.
One of the great gifts she left behind to her own family was a large collection of scrapbooks and class photos from her many years in places like Abilene and El Paso, Texas.
If you know of anyone who may have been in elementary school in these locations and times, there's a decent chance that I have a photo of his or her sweet little face. I only hope that the resolution of these pictures will be high enough to be of any value to you.


My Grandmother touched many, many young lives in her years as a teacher and I would be very happy to know that this website had brought some happiness to the descendants of her students. Please contact me if you know more about these pictures. Thanks!