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Ahnentafel (Ancestor Table)
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Below is my Ahnentafel (German for "ancestor table"). To find the father of a person, double that person's number; to find the mother, double that person's number and add one.
If you find that we are cousins, feel free to drop me a line. I am extremely proud of my ancestry and am unusually knowledgeable about things genealogical (for a person of my age and gender), but I spent so much of my energy on it at too young an age that my initiative and perseverance in these matters are inconsistent at best. Nevertheless, genealogy is a great love of mine and I am always grateful for the chance to learn from my relations.
But I do apologize to those cousins I have met online with whom I have failed to correspond as I should. Please forgive me.

1.   PETZOLD, Toby.
2.   PETZOLD, J. T.
3.   SHAPIRO, R. F.
4.   PETZOLD, Theodore Gustav "Tado". b. 24 Apr 1909 Leroy, McLennan Co., TX; m. Jul 1933 Whitney, Hill Co., TX; d. 24 Oct 1973 Valley Mills, Bosque Co., TX. My Paw-Paw was a sharecropper, construction worker, and a gentle man. He loved growing his garden and watching his grandchildren at play. Paw-Paw was raised in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, but was more of a deist with dirt under his nails than anything else. I don't think he got past the third grade, but he possessed true wisdom and character.
5.   McNEILL, Rita Lillian. b. 16 Mar 1907 Valley Mills, Bosque Co., TX; d. 14 Mar 1981 Clifton, Bosque Co., TX. My Grandma was a sales clerk, cleaning woman, nurse's attendant, and a hard worker, generally. She was imaginative, resourceful, and didn't take it off of anyone. She gave me my great love of family history. Grandma was a dyed-in-the-wool Southern Baptist. She shaped my view of life and death as much as anyone ever has.
6.   SHAPIRO, Jacob Joseph. b. 27 Sep 1896 Kedeiniai, LITH; m. 4 Jun 1940 Abilene, Taylor Co., TX; d. 18 Feb 1977 El Paso, El Paso Co., TX. My Daddo was a radio operator, a great friend to and liberal advocate for the Democratic Party, a huge baseball fan, and a voracious reader. He is said to have landed in France as a U.S. infantryman on the same day the armistice was signed, ending the First World War. Daddo was very secretive about certain things, especially about his origins as a Jewish immigrant.
7.   SHARP, Mary Viola. b. 9 Dec 1907 Loraine, Mitchell Co., TX; d. 4 Jul 1979 Waco, McLennan Co., TX. My Grandmother was a long-time public schoolteacher. She was a devout Christian Scientist with the highest possible sense of principle and charity. She was shrewd, protective, and dutiful. Her influence over her daughters and grandchildren persists to this day.
8.   PETZOLD, Heinrich Otto "Henry". b. 12 Jul 1873 prob. near Schwerin, Mecklenburg, GER; m. Dec 1896 Washington Co., TX; d. 13 Dec 1944 Clifton, Bosque Co., TX. My great-grandfather Henry came to Texas from Germany when he was about 13. He was a farmer. I take it that he was a serious-minded man with little time for nonsense.
9.   RACKOW, Amilie Augusta. b. 10 Jul 1871 Szubin, POL; d. 31 Dec 1943 Waco., McLennan Co., TX. My great-grandmother Amilie probably came to Texas from Prussian Poland in her late teens. She is said to have been a servant to Johann Petzolt, her future father-in-law, when she and Henry fell in love. Aunt Shirley still has her wedding dress, which is all black. Together, Amilie and Henry had eight sons and a daughter. She died from serious burns she suffered in a fire she accidentally started.
10.   McNEILL, Robert Alexander "Bob". b. 19 Jun 1878 prob. Lampasas Co., TX; m. Jul 1898 Crawford, TX; d. 19 Sep 1950 Bosque Co., TX. Bob, as they called him, was apparently a fun-loving guy. He was often called upon to render documents with his distinctive kind of calligraphy. My father recalled that Bob, in later life, was a pot-smoker who, when the urge arose, would tell my father, "Run along, now, Jimmy: Grampa's got to take his medicine." Daddy didn't like the smell of it and would run off.
11.   DAVIS, Edna Mabel. b. Jan 1882 Thompsonville, IL; d. 3 Jan 1944 Clifton, Bosque Co., TX. Edna is said to have been a very dignified and reserved lady. Her hair was almost completely white by the time she was in her 20s. I always wondered how she ever hooked up with an old rapscallion like Bob McNeill!
12.   SHAPIRO, Bernard. b. c1865 Kedeiniai, LITH; m. c1894 prob. Raseiniai, LITH; d. 6 Oct 1920 Pittsburgh, PA. Bernard was a teacher at a Hebrew school in Pittsburgh around the turn of the century. It is believed that he was fluent in several languages, including Latin, Hebrew, English, and Yiddish. He may have had some medical training, as well. I believe he died of tuberculosis.
13.   CHARNAS, Fannie. b. c1871 Raseiniai, LITH; d. 7 Dec 1955 Pittsburgh, PA. Fannie is said to have had a remarkable memory and was known as a good and generous cook. She was described to me by my cousin Lew Kaye as a woman who took an active interest in her family's and friends' lives, always offering advice and wisdom and making her home a welcome place to be. In other words, a nice Jewish mother.
14.   SHARP, Samuel Alexander. b. 27 Dec 1868 Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX; m. Jan 1905 Winters, Runnels Co., TX; d. 22 Aug 1958 El Paso, El Paso Co., TX. My Mother called Sam Sharp "Dad-daw." He was a rancher, farmer, salesman, and a natty dresser. He is said, at an early age, to have gone up the Chisholm Trail on one of the last great round-ups. Sam was once the guest of Ima Hogg, daughter of Texas governor Jim Hogg, at a fancy ball. Mr. Sharp, as my Aunt Opal insisted on calling him, had an "eye for the ladies," as they say.
15.   JACKSON, Lula Louvenia. b. 12 Feb 1879 Berry's Creek, Williamson Co., TX; d. Apr 1946 Abilene, Taylor Co., TX. Lula was a West Texas schoolteacher who lost her first (and most beloved) husband Virgil Sewell one month after they wed. Later in life, she converted from Cumberland Presbyterianism to Christian Science. She was a very pretty lady and at least as pious.
16.   PETZOLT, Johann "John". b. c1842 GER; m. c1865 GER; d. after 1900 possibly Marlin?, Falls Co.?, TX. My great-great-grandfather immigrated to Texas in October 1885. After the death of his wife Elise, he remarried, causing some conflicts with his children, most especially my great-grandfather Henry. This is supposedly the event that precipitated the change in the spelling of our surname. My impression is that John was estranged from his children for the rest of his life.
17.   FACKLAM, Elise. b. 1850 GER; d. 1900 Washington Co., TX. This great-great-grandmother is still very much a mystery to me. Is this the woman known to her descendants as Louise Faulkner? There is a noticeable similarity between the two names.
18.   RACKOW, John [August?]. b. c1835 POL; d. after 1900 TX. Unfortunately, I know virtually nothing about either of Amilie's parents. I assume that they were German-speaking Poles (Prussians). The family story was always that Amilie's mother had died before the family emigrated to the United States, but it now appears that "Frau Rehkow" did come and is buried in Washington Co., TX.
20.   McNEILL, Andrew Jackson. b. 1847 Robeson Co., NC; m. 1877 Valley Mills, Bosque Co., TX. d. 1914 Coryell Co., TX. A.J. is believed to have been a flag-bearer or drummer boy in the Confederate Army. He and his momma came to Texas in the 1860s, settling in/near Valley Mills. The best-known portrait of him my family has used to scare me when I was little because he looks so stern. I don't know anything about him, really.
21.   THOMPSON, Mary Jane. b. Mar 1849 Cass Co., MO; d. 1922 Valley Mills, Bosque Co., TX. Mary Jane's family came down to Texas in the 1870s probably. Settled northwest of Valley Mills, I believe, in what was once called Thompson Holler, which was probably their namesake. You can certainly see some Indian in her face, which I think my Grandma also inherited.
22.   DAVIS, Joseph Hardin. b. Nov 1846 IL; m. 1870 IL; d. 1927 Clifton, Bosque Co., TX. Joe was a bank clerk, teacher, telephone company manager, and newspaper distributor. He and his family came to Texas in 1893 from southern Illinois on account of the economic "panic" of that year.
23.   CRIPPS, Lydia Eleanor "Ellen". b. 4 Jul 1853 IL; d. 1886 IL. Lydia died young, having had a half-dozen or so kids. She may have had diabetes.
24.   SHAPIRO, Philip [possibly].
26.   CHARNAS, Isaac. b. c1830? Raseiniai, LITH?; d. 25 Feb 1922 Pittsburgh, PA. Isaac is said to have been a bookkeeper in a brewery in Raseiniai. My Aunt Rose told me that when she was a little girl, she once threw a giant wad of chewing gum at the trash can, but it got caught in Isaac's beard, which infuriated him. Looking at that beard, it's easy to imagine it getting in the way.   
27.   -----, Gertrude. b. c1840s? LITH?; d. 21 Mar 1919 Pittsburgh, PA. 
28.   SHARP, Addison. b. Mar 1834 Blount Co., TN; m. 1866 Coryell Co., TX; d. 1905 Llano Co., TX. Addison was, I believe, a medic in the Confederate Army. He suffered some sort of injury to one of his legs. He left his home in Tennessee for Texas early on, and, it seems likely, became estranged from his siblings, one of whom (Boyd Alexander Sharp) served in the Union Army. Momma says there's a family tradition that Addison was in a POW camp somewhere up north and, after the war, walked all the way home to Texas.
29.   DODSON, Mary Frances. b. 1842 Hickman Co., KY; d. Aug 1937 Abilene, Taylor Co., TX. Mary Frances is said to have been very feisty and opinionated. In her youth, she had red hair. She is said to have been a challenge to her daughter-in-law Lula.
30.   JACKSON, Samuel Parker. b. 1856 Williamson Co., TX; m. 25 Dec 1877 White House, Williamson Co., TX; d. Apr 1941 NM. Sam was a rancher and farmer. He is said to have shot a black man to death in defense of his kid brother during a stockyard fight in Waxahachie, Texas. Sam refused to attend any of his daughters' weddings, saying he had no daughters to give away, and would purposely ride his horse out of the county on those days.
31.   CHAPMAN, Mary Frances "Molly". b. 1861 Williamson Co., TX; d. 1903 near Old Dora, Nolan Co., TX. Molly's death at such a relatively young age apparently affected her family very deeply. The only known photograph of her reveals a pretty and peaceful face. She was the only child of her father Will Chapman, who also died too young.
40.   McNEILL, Hector [possibly]. My Grandma used to tell me that her grandfather A.J.'s daddy had gone after some Indians who had stolen his horse and had never come back. It seems very probable that this was an old family legend begun to obscure the truth of A.J.'s parentage. I do not know it for a fact, but it is believed by some that his father was Hector, the widower of his mother's eldest sister. It could also be that A.J. (and Mary Jane's other son, whom we call "Little Archie") was the product of some other union. That the issue was still of considerable sensitivity even down to my own generation is evidence enough of a certain unconventionality.
41.  McNEILL, Mary Jane. b. 1824 Robeson Co., NC; d. c1870? Valley Mills, Bosque Co., TX. Mary Jane was an unwed mother of two sons. She left North Carolina for Texas after refusing to apologize for her "adultery" a second time before the Presbyterian elders in Robeson County.
42.  THOMPSON, Robert Hood. b. 1817 Greene Co., TN; m. Aug 1845 Cass Co., MO; d. c1875 prob. Hamilton Co., TX. Robert was apparently much involved in the Baptist Church. Brought his family down to Texas some time around 1870, I guess.
43.   THOMPSON, Mary Ann. b. 1830 MO?; d. c1903 Hamilton Co., TX. Mary Ann was very young when she married Robert. After his death, she married again to a Mr. Hicks. There's a very sad photograph in our family of her holding one of her dead grandchildren. Not unusual for the times, though.
44.   DAVIS, Robert Allison. b. 1819 Clay Twp., Gallia Co., OH; m. 1842 IL; d. October 1847 Mexico City, MEX. Robert was studying to be a Methodist minister when he volunteered for the Illinois Infantry during the Mexican-American War. His letters home are a poignant testimony to his idealism. Robert died of probably cholera or yellow fever and is buried in an unmarked mass grave in Mexico City.
45.   IRVIN, Sarah Elizabeth. b. 1817 Steuben, Wayne Co., NY; d. Dec 1899 Wise Co., TX. After Robert's death, Sarah married a very elderly gentleman named Henry Yearian by whom she had two children. She came with her son Joe down to Texas around 1893, but apparently died before they settled at Clifton.
46.   CRIPPS, Samuel. d. c1865 Williamson Co., IL. Samuel owned a dry goods store in Williamson Co., IL.
47.   PIKE, Cynthia.
48.   SHAPIRO, Jacob [possibly].
52.   CHARNAS, Aaron [possibly]. Aaron may have been a rabbi.
56.   SHARP, Alexander H. b. TN; d. 1839 Blount Co., TN. Alexander may have been a preacher of some kind. Momma and I went looking for his grave at Maryville, TN back in the early 1990s, but the stone is gone.
57.   MAXWELL, Susannah. b. VA or TN; d. 1860s Blount Co.?, TN. Susannah married Mr. Clark, a family friend, after Alexander's death. She saw two of her sons go and fight on opposite sides during the Civil War.
58.   DODSON, Samuel J. b. 1810 KY; m. Mar 1833 Hickman Co., KY; d. after 1890 Coryell Co., TX.
59.   GRAHAM, Nancy Car. b. 1817 TN/KY/IL; d. 1879 Coryell Co., TX. Nancy's middle name does, in fact, appear to have been spelled Car.
60.   JACKSON, Andrew "Buck". b. c1829 TN; m. c1855 Robertson Co., TX; d. 1894 Williamson Co., TX. Ran a commissary for the Confederate Army at Andice, TX. "Buck" was the first postmaster there, too.
61.   COLEMAN, Cornelia Gilbert. b. 1839 Yalobusha Co., MS; d. 27 Apr 1927 Williamson Co., TX. My dear Aunt Opal knew this woman very well. Cornelia is said to have distrusted automobiles and refused to ride in them. According to Opal, one of Cornelia's sons had mouthed off to her on one occasion and she promised to whup him. This son (probably John) told her she could if she could manage to catch him. So, she waited until he was asleep, tied him into his bed with some rope or twisted sheets, and commenced to beating him. This ancedote may illustrate her general attitude towards those who disrespected her.
62.   CHAPMAN, William M. "Will". b. 1832 Giles Co., TN; m. 1860 Williamson Co., TX; d. 1863 Camp Nelson, Lonoke Co., AR. Will died of disease while encamped with the Confederate Army in south central Arkansas. Will was a farmer and a newlywed father. He is buried there in an unmarked grave. I paid my respects at this cemetery in the late 1990s. It is well-kept, though hard (for me) to find. 
63.   LOVE, Margaret Ann. b. Jul 1843 Holmes Co.?, MS; d. c1903 Loraine, Mitchell Co., TX. Margaret is said to have been a talented music teacher. Many years after Will's death, Margaret married Jim Johnson, a schoolteacher from Georgia, by whom she had many children.
82.   McNEILL, Archibald "Wild Archie". b. Robeson Co., NC; d. in/around Robeson Co., NC. Archie is said to have gotten his nickname from his great passion for raising horses, but he may also have just been a little different.
83.   McNEILL, Elizabeth "Betsy". b. NC; d. NC.
84.   THOMPSON, Elijah. b. 1788 VA; m. Greene Co., TN; d. 1854? Cass Co., MO. Baptist preacher. Is said to have served in the War of 1812. He may have had some land claim as a veteran that was available to him in MO.
85.   HOOD, Annis. c1793 VA. She was almost certainly the last of her father's children, born after some sort of illness that compelled him to draw up his will in anticipation of an early death that did not come, thankfully.
86.   THOMPSON, Archibald B. b. c1800 KY? d. 1841 Cass Co., MO. May have been a schoolteacher or even a lawyer. Died quite young.
87.    -------, -------. d. betw. 1830-40. This unknown ancestress was almost certainly an American Indian.
88.   DAVIS, Nehemiah. b. 20 Aug 1778 present-day York Co., ME; m. 1805 OH; d. c1854 Hamilton Co., IL. Nehemiah is said to have helped build the "waterworks" at Cincinnati. He was an expert shot with his old rifle named Betsy.
89.   ALLISON, Mary "Polly". b. Jan 1789 near Pittsburgh, PA; d. 1883 Hamilton Co., IL. Practiced midwifery for many decades in Southern Illiniois.
90.   IRVIN, Joseph. b. VA; d. IL.
91.   WELLES, Theodosia. b. 1796 NY; d. Hamilton Co., IL. Theodosia became blind late in life.
92.   CRIPPS, John. b. NJ? Was a riverboat captain.
112.   SHARP, Robert. b. poss. Rockbridge Co.?, VA; d. 1793 Black's Blockhouse, Blount Co., TN. Murdered at his post defending the frontier against the Cherokee. His murderer was probably a Cherokee named Pumpkin Boy, an uncle of the famous half-breed marauder Robert Benge. In one of the great coincidences of my life, I learned in the late 1980s that Pumpkin Boy was an ancestor to my best friend here in Austin, Texas, Robert Jones.
113.   SHARP, Letitia "Letty". b. VA; d. Knox/Blount Co., TN. Note that Robert and Letty, although both Sharps, are not known to have been related. 
114.   MAXWELL, Robert. b. VA.
115.   CLARK, Sarah.
116.   DODSON, Jesse. b. c1770s VA; d. 1839 Hickman Co., KY. Dr. Jesse Dodson was very probably the son of Thomas Dodson, known as "Second Fork" Thomas Dodson, but this is not yet proven. In the likely event that it is, there are several more well-documented generations to follow back.
117.   COMBES, Judith [possibly; a very controversial point of fact]
118.   GRAHAM, Samuel W. Hard to track this man and Margaret down between Coryell Co., TX and Arkansas.
119.   CRISP, Margaret. b. c1796 Laurens Co., SC
122.   COLEMAN, Mark [A.?] b. prob. TN; d. after 1870 prob. TX. Mark and Elizabeth are said to have gotten a divorce on account of some disagreement related to the Civil War. Until recently (Spring 2003), I was absolutely convinced that this ancestor was named William W. Coleman. It now seems virtually certain that William W. was one of Mark's sons. A very confusing line in my pedigree. Has been re-conceived three times now.
123.   HUDSON, Elizabeth E. b. c1811 Yalobusha Co., MS; d. 1898 Williamson Co., TX. Elizabeth was said to have been so rotund a woman that her husband had to cut the door to their home especially wide to accomodate her.
124.   CHAPMAN, Elijah. b. 14 Feb 1805 VA; d. 1904 Williamson Co., TX. Elijah and Miriam and their children settled in Williamson Co., TX in the early 1850s. There is a photograph of Elijah in the courthouse at Georgetown among the other early settlers. Elijah and his family, like countless other Southerners, were financially devastated by the end of the Civil War. I believe they were slaveholders, as well.
125.   REA, Miriam H. b. c1809 VA; d. c1882 Williamson Co., TX.
126.   LOVE, John. b. SC; m. prob. Holmes Co., MS; d. c1871 Williamson Co., TX.
127.   HURST, Mary. b. c1810 SC; d. Apr 1850 Bastrop Co., TX. Is believed to have suffered from diabetes. According to the 1850 Mortality Schedule, she died of the "fits" after several days' duration.
164.   McNEILL, Duncan "Long Duncan". b. NC; d. NC.
165.   McDOUGALD, Catherine "Kitty"
166.   McNEILL, ---- 
170.   HOOD, Robert. There is believed to be some Dutch blood in this line.
171.   STEWART?, Elizabeth?
176.   DAVIS, Reuben. b. June 1753 Amesbury, MA; d. OH. Reuben was a patriot and may have served.
177.   JEWELL, Sarah, b. NH. Sarah probably died in MA before the family migrated west.
178.   ALLISON, Robert. b. 1755 VA. d. OH. Was a soldier in the Revolution. Later commanded the garrison at Campus Martius, OH.
179.   PHILLIPS, Elizabeth "Betsy" b. 1762 MD; d. OH. Her father was supposedly quite wealthy and owned "vast estates" in Maryland, but I have never been able to discover much at all about her origins. One of the great mysteries of my genealogical life.
180.  IRVIN, William. b. NJ/VA; d. Steuben, Wayne Co., NY. Served in the American revolution, possibly with a militia company from Virginia.This may be the same William Irvin who lost two brothers at the Battle of Cowpens.
181.  CORYELL, Agnes. b. NJ. Dutch blood in this line.
182.  WELLES, Benjamin. b. CT; d. NY.
183.  NELSON, Sarah.
226.  SHARP, John. b. Co. Meath, IRE; d. VA? John Sharp served in the quartermasters from PA during the Revolution. Settled in VA afterwards.
227.  BOYD, Ann. b. Co. Meath, IRE; d. VA?
238.  CRISP, Mansel. b. NC; d. 1850 Bolivar, Hardeman Co., TN. Was a close friend of David Crockett.
239.  ROGERS, Margaret.
246.  HUDSON, John. b. c1781 prob. NC; d. c1840s Yalobusha Co., MS.
248.  CHAPMAN, William. b. 1780s VA; d. 1838 Giles Co., TN. An early settler of Giles Co., TN when it was still very much wilderness. Helped build the roads there with his brothers and brothers-in-law.
249.  MOORE, Dorthula "Dolly". b. 1780s VA.
250.  REA, Abner. b. VA; d. Oct 1825 Giles Co., TN.
328.  McNEILL, Torquil.
329.  BETHUNE, Mary. b. SCOT.
352.  DAVIS, Timothy. b. 1712 Amesbury, Essex Co., MA. Believed to have served in one of the colonial wars against the Indians. May have drowned in a river in NH in his old age.
353.  PETTINGELL, Judith.
354.  JEWELL, David. b. NH; d. NH. In his old age, walked many miles into town to sign the Association Test (1776), which was a declaration of intent to bear arms against British rule.
355.  LOWE, Elizabeth. b. NH.
356.   ALLISON, Robert "Short Robert". May have been born in Londonderry. Lived to be more than a hundred years old.
362.   CORYELL, Abraham. b. NJ.
363.   HEATH, Esther. b. NJ
364.   WELLES, Noah. b. 25 Sep 1718 CT; m. 17 Sep 1751; d. 31 Dec 1776.
365.   WOOLSEY, Abigail.
366.   NELSON, Joshua. b. L.I., NY. Joshua was a major in the Dutchess Co., NY militia.
367.   MANDEVILLE, Sarah. b. 18 Sep 1736; d. -
452.   SHARP, Matthew (possibly). b. IRE; d. IRE?
478.   ROGERS, John.
500.   REA, James. b. prob. IRE; d. prob. VA.
706.   PETTINGELL, Matthew.
707.   INGERSOLL, Joannah.
710.   LOWE, Joseph. [very probably] b. MA. d. prob. NH.
711.   POTTLE, Elizabeth. [very probably] b. 1696 NH; d. NH
712.   DAVIS, John. b. Amesbury, Essex Co., MA.
713.   BADGER, Ruth.
726.   HEATH, Richard.
727.   WILLSON, Sarah.
728.   WELLES, Noah. b. 4 Aug 1686; m. 15 Apr 1714; d. 19 Aug 1753 Colchester, CT.
729.   WYATT, Sarah. b. 8 Jul 1691 Hatfield, MA; d. 3 May 1769 Colchester, CT.
730.   WOOLSEY, Benjamin.
732.   NELSON, Eli. 
734.   MANDEVILLE, Jacob. bp. 10 Jan 1711 NY
735.   DAVENPORT, Sarah.
1412.   PETTINGELL, Matthew.
1413.   NOYES, Sarah.
1414.   INGERSOLL, Richard. b. bef. 10 Mar 1587 Sandy, Bedfordshire, ENG; m. 10 Oct 1611 Sandy, Bedfordshire, ENG; d. betw. 21 Jul 1644 and 6 Oct 1644 Salem, Essex Co., MA. Believed to have once owned the house on which Nathaniel Hawthorne based The House of the Seven Gables.
1415.   LANGLEY, Ann/Agnes.
1422.   POTTLE, Christopher.
1423.   GRAVES, Hannah.
1424.   DAVIS, Francis. b. Amesbury, Essex Co., MA.
1425.   TAYLOR, Mary.
1426.   BADGER, John. Served as a Newbury militia sergeant.
1427.   SWETT, Hannah. b. 7 Oct 1651 Newbury, Essex Co., MA; d. 31 Mar 1691 Newbury, Essex Co., MA.
1454.   WILLSON, Samuel. A Quaker.
1455.   OVERTON, Hester.
1456.   WELLES, Noah.
1457.   WHITE, Mary.
1458.   WYATT, Israel.
1459.   PRATT, Sarah.
1460.   WOOLSEY, George. b. 10 Oct 1652 Flushing, Long Island, NY; m. 1678 Flushing, Long Island, NY; d. 19 Jan 1739/40 Dosoris, Long Island, NY.
1461.   VAN ZANDT, Hannah. b. c1655
1464.   NELSON, Francis.
1468.   MANDEVILLE, David. m. 10 Jun 1709.
1469.   WOERTENDYK, Jannetje Jacobs (STILLE).
1470.   DAVENPORT, Thomas.
2824.   PETTINGELL, Richard.
2825.   COOKE, Mary.
2826.   NOYES, Nicholas.
2827.   CUTTING, Mary.
2828.   INGERSOLL, George. b. c1563 Edsworth, Bedfordshire, ENG; d. 1644.
2829.   HANKIN, Alicia. 
2846.   GRAVES, Samuel. b. prob. ENG
2848.   DAVIS, Francis. b. ENG.
2849.   EMERSON, Gertrude. b. ENG. d. prob. Amesbury, Essex Co., MA. Turn-of-the-20th-Century genealogists say she came to MA from Halifax, Nova Scotia, but on what authority I do not know.
2850.   TAYLOR, Walter. d. c1686 Newbury, Essex Co., MA. Walter was a shipwright; apparently had a reputation for being verbally abusive towards his employees and neighbors.
2851.   WELLS, Alice.
2852.   BADGER, Giles. b. c1610 Parish of St. Mary de Lode, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, ENG.; m. 1635; d. 17 Jul 1648 Newbury, Essex Co., MA. Immigrated to Massachusetts in Spring of 1639 aboard the Mary & John.
2853.   GREENLEAF, Elizabeth.
2854.   SWETT, Stephen. b. 18 Apr 1620 Wymondham, Norfolk, ENG.; d. 9 Jan 1692/3 Newbury, Essex Co., MA.
2855.   MERRILL, Hannah. b. ENG. d. 4 Apr 1662 Newbury, Essex Co., MA
2910.   OVERTON, Samuel.
2912.   WELLES, Hugh.
2913.   BEARDSLEY, Mary.
2914.   WHITE, Daniel. m. 1 Nov 1661. Daniel was a lieutenant in the [colonial militia].
2915.   CROW, Sarah. b. 1 Mar 1646/47 Hartford, CT; d. 26 Jun 1717.
2918.   PRATT, William?
2920.   WOOLSEY, George "Joris." bapt. 15 May 1616 Church of St. Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, ENG; m. 9 Dec 1647 Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam, New Netherland (NY); d. 17 Aug 1698 Jamaica, Queens, NY.
2921.   CORNELL, Rebecca. bapt. 13 Jan 1629/30 St. Mary the Virgin Church, Saffron, Walden, Essex, ENG; d. 5 Feb 1712/13 Jamaica, Queens, NY.
2936.   de MANDEVILLE, Hendrick. b. c1650 prob. NETH.; d. c1712 Pacquenac (Mountain View, NJ).
2937.   SCHOLL, Annetje.
2938.   STILLE, Jacob Cornelissen.
2939.   HENDRIX, Marytie.
5652.   NOYES, Rev. William. Was a long-serving rector at Cholderton, Wiltshire, ENG, having graduated from Oxford.
5653.   PARKER, Anne. This ancestress is the subject of very great controversy among genealogists: was Anne a PARKER or a STEPHENS? I am of the opinion that she was a PARKER.
5654.   CUTTING, Capt. John. John was a well-travelled sea captain who brought over many an early immigrant.
5655.   WARD, Mary. I have a vague notion that Mary was the daughter of Edward Ward, a descendant of a family of outspoken clergy.
5704.   BADGER, John. bp. 20 Apr 1566 Churchdown, Gloucestershire, ENG; m. 23 Jan 1597 Churchdown, Gloucestershire, ENG; d. 9 Dec 1643 Churchdown, Gloucestershire, ENG.
5705.   GREENWAY, Anne.  
5706.   GREENLEAF, Edmund. b. ENG.
5707.   DOLE?, Sarah?
5708.   SWETT, John.
5710.   MERRILL, John. bpt. 16 Aug 1599 Wherstead, Suffolk, ENG; md. 24 Jan 1628/9 Wherstead, Suffolk, ENG
5711.   BISHOP, Annis.
5826.   BEARDSLEY, William. b. Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, ENG.; d. ENG.
5828.   WHITE, John.
5829.   LEVETT, Mary.
5830.   CROW, John. b. 1606; d. 16 Jan 1685/86 Hartford Co., CT.
5831.   GOODWIN, Elizabeth. b. c1620 ENG; d. 1673 CT.
5840.   WOOLSEY, George. b. 1584 Langhale-Kirstead, Norfolk, ENG; m. c1608 prob. near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, ENG; d. betw. 21-28 Oct 1629 Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, NETH. George is variously referred to as a grocer or tobacconist.
5841.   ROBERTS, Frances. b. c1585 prob. ENG; d. 4 Aug 1652 op Draeijbreg, Rotterdam, Zuid Holland, NETH.
5842.   CORNELL, Thomas. d. RI.
5843.   BRIGGS[?], Rebecca. d. RI. Burned to death in home of her son, who was almost certainly falsely accused of her murder and was tried, convicted, and executed on extremely flimsy grounds.
5872.   de MANDEVILLE, Yellis.
5874.   SCHOLL, Pieter Jansen. b. prob. The Hague, NETH.
5875.   PROVOOST, Magaritje.
5876.   STILLE, Cornelis Jacobsen (VAN VREELANDT)
11304.   NOYES, Robert. b. c1518 Cholderton, Wiltshire, ENG.; d. aft. 1599 Cholderton, Wiltshire, ENG.
11408.   BADGER, John.
11420.   MERRILL, Nathaniel. b. prob. c1571; m. 28 Feb 1592/3 Belstead, Suffolk, ENG; bd. 17 Mar 1626/7 Wherstead, Suffolk, ENG.
11421.   BLACKSOLL, Mary. bd. 1 May 1624 Wherstead, Suffolk, ENG.
11662.   GOODWIN, William. b. 1591; m. 7 Nov 1616 Shalford, Essex, ENG; d. 11 Mar 1672/73 Farmington, Hartford Co., CT. Elder Goodwin was a renowned man of the church and one of the founders of Hartford, CT. Was a friend of Rev. Thomas Hooker, whose widow he wed.
11663.   WHITE, Elizabeth.
22608.   NOYES, Nicholas. b. c1496 Littleton Manor, Kimpton, Hampshire, ENG.; d. 1575 Cholderton, Wiltshire, ENG.
22816.   BADGER, Humphrey.
22840.   MERRILL, John. b. prob. 1550s  prob. ENG; will dated 2 Dec 1600 Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG.
22841.   ------?, Prudence. d. after 2 Dec 1600 prob. Suffolk, ENG.
23326.   WHITE, Robert, bp. 17 May 1560 Messing, Essex, ENG; m. 24 Jun 1585 Shalford, Essex, ENG.
23327.   ALLGAR, Bridget. bp. 11 Mar 1562; d. 17 Jun 1617 Messing, Essex, ENG.
45216.   NOYES, Robert. b. c1465; m. c1488; d. c1524 Littleton Manor, Kimpton, Hampshire, ENG.
45217.   MAUNDY, Joan.
45632.   BADGER, Thomas. b 1470 Barnwood, Gloucester[shire], ENG.

I cannot stress enougn how important it is for you to verify all of this information for yourself. My research skills and evidentiary standards are not equal to those of most serious genealogists, so just consider this a starting point for more searching.