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Poems from My Youth
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50 Most Beautiful Women
50 Most Favorite Albums
100 Most Favorite Songs
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50 Worst/Overrated Movies
Family Photographs
Ahnentafel (Ancestor Table)
Shakespeare Disintegrated

Black and White
Young Mr. Petzold circa 1970


This is the home page for my little website, all parts of which being a work in progress. It's an amateur effort, but fun to fool with. Be sure to visit my blog at the link below, as well as my family tree and photographs, various lists of favorite and least favorite things, and even some of my poems. I've also included a few incomplete thoughts and notes on the Shakespearean Authorship Question. The links to all of this stuff are on your left.

WARNING TO PEOPLE WHO USUALLY HAVE A GOOD OPINION OF ME: I do not restrict myself in the use of my language, so send the kids to the other room.

And if you want to get in touch with me, write me at NeognostikosNOSPAM - [ampersand] - hotmail-dot-com

Go to my web log by clicking here.

Old Tobe Crossing Abbey Road
"Just doin' my hajj, baby."