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The Loyal Opposition
The Left Coaster
Deep Blade
Moonbattery Park
Sunday, 18 April 2004
The Palestinians' "Come to Jesus" Moment
Hamas has named a new leader, but they have chosen not to reveal his name lest the IDF put a Hellfire missile up his slopchute. Good move, you wretched Jew-killers. The next time one of those criminals even jaywalks, they ought to flatten Gaza City.

Interesting to see so many folks getting religion. I mean, the one where you don't get to spend eternity with 72 virgins.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 11:48 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Saturday, 17 April 2004
Knowing It
Here's an Associated Press account of Rantissi's death. After his car was hit by the IDF,

Rantisi ran about 15 yards from the car, collapsed and lost consciousness[...]. The Hamas leader, his body pocked with bloody wounds and blood streaming from his head and neck, was rushed to the hospital and into emergency surgery, but he died five minutes after arriving.

As a commenter said at Little Green Footballs,

This means he experienced some moments of fear and terror, and the meaning of justice.

Roger that.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 8:50 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Mood:  a-ok
I didn't expect to see such "graphic" evidence of Abdel Rantissi's encounter with some IDF missiles earlier today, but CNN was running what looked to be a raw feed from a local Gaza station (maybe al-Jazeera?). Well, in that part of the world, nothing gets edited out; it's all grist for the propaganda mill.

But the former pediatrician/Jew-killer has definitely gone on to martyrdom now. And it's a good thing, too: Israel has a right to kill those who are at war with her. And Hamas has left that in no doubt. They explicitly proclaim that they are at war with the Zionists. And the war came, Mo.

So now what? Next up should be Arafat, although I'd be just as happy if they knocked a hole through the bridge of Saeb Erekat's glasses.

Remember: these are people who have declared war against Israel and the United States. I am a citizen of one and an ally to the other, and tonight, I congratulate General Sharon and his men and women on a job well done.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 8:20 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Things Like This Blow My Mind
I used to think the talk of Martian ejecta finding their way to Earth was absurd. After all, how could someone know that? Of course, not knowing anything about spectrographic analyses of the composition of such rocks and meteorites, such doubt is unsurprising. But our rovers on Mars are kicking ass and taking names, and one of them has come across a rock that has the same chemical signature as a meteorite that hit India in the 19th Century. Check it out and tell me again why the space program is unimportant.

(Thanks to InstaPundit for the tip.)

Posted by Toby Petzold at 4:57 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
More on Air America
It's two in the morning and I'm listening to a streaming feed of Air America. Or, should that be a steaming load?

The reason it makes sense for a person of my sentiments to write about this radio network is because it is the cause celebre of the Bushitler crowd and has received a degree of media attention far in excess of its actual reach or value. The only way to deal with such a baldly (and badly) conceived mouthpiece of the Dhimmicratic Party is to explain to others what a joke it is. Maybe such a demonstration of the (free) marketplace of ideas will be an enlightenment to those who don't really understand the concept.

For instance, this woman I'm listening to is utterly foul. Her name is Randi Rhodes and she knows nothing about anything but how to spin a lot of illogical accusations and indulge herself in worthless speculations. It's an embarrassment.

And this poncy little sidekick she's got to punctuate her drivel with sycophantic snickers makes Ed McMahon look like William Fucking Buckley.

It's not like these are slow news days, yet what is Rhodes reduced to? Painstakingly and sneeringly going through her hate mail on air. Who cares? If she and her fellow travelers are so intent on "taking back the airwaves" for liberal America, how will that be accomplished by rehashing the ad hominem attacks made upon her by conservatives? All that serves is to remind people of just how poor the affirmative case is that these Leftist dolts have to make.

Air America is inexcusably bad radio. They have commandeered (with hot checks, apparently) the local community voices of the very people (i.e., minorities) whom they purport to represent ---and have done so with a high-handed self-righteousness that their amateurishness has completely exposed to contempt.

I'll check back in on them to get a load of Franken and Garofalo, but I don't expect much.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 2:26 AM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Friday, 16 April 2004
Together Again
A lot of Bush's haters are wondering why he and Vice President Cheney are going to appear together before the Kean Commission when they grant that august body an interview. Why, they ask, don't the two men testify separately?

Well, it's a great question, but it's one that's built on the premise that criminal suspects are always questioned independently of one another so that they can't collude on their answers. In other words, the default setting for the craphounds in the Leftist press is that Bush and Cheney are guilty of something. Why else question what is simply a matter of convenience for two men who, it turns out, are extremely busy these days?

Do the President's accusers think that Cheney is going to use hand signals to keep the President from indiscreetly blurting out of some state secret? Do they think Cheney will cut the President off and answer for him?

I think the next time the President is asked such a stupid fucking question, he should turn it around and ask the questioner why it matters to him or to anyone whether that testimony is given jointly. Seriously. The only way some snot-nose reporter could conceivably crawl out of such a hole would be to admit on the spot that he believes the President is a criminal with something to hide. Because there is no other reason to ask that question.

Remember: those media outlets with access to the President are overwhelmingly for-profit enterprises. They have a product to sell and its name is Scandal. These sorry gristleheads don't care to be pro-Administration or to ask questions that might possibly evince an appreciation for what it is that our culture does right; they simply understand the role of the media they whore for to be the manufacture of dissent (how do you Chomskyite abortion survivors like that phrase?). If they can insinuate or mislead the viewer-consumer into the mere sense that something is rotten in the state of Denmark, then they are that much closer to creating a scandalous atmosphere where everything is amenable to their manipulations.

Anyhow, the Leftist broadsheeters needn't worry that Bush will get away with something: ben Veniste will see to it that everyone gets a full run-down on what the Chimp from Crawford manages to say in his pitiful defense.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 11:23 PM CDT | Post Comment | View Comments (2) | Permalink
Fallujah from on High
Wanna see something very cool? Here are some aerial and satellite photos of that mosque complex in Fallujah which the extremists used as a launching pad for their attacks on the MEF ---and which the MEF duly put a 500-pounder into, killing as many as 40 of those vermin.

I see that many on the anti-American Left like to call these rotten fuckers things like "the resistance," but they'll soon find out that the misuse of these holy places is a sure-fire way to see them reduced to rubble. So, go resist this.

Where were these Leftist cocksuckers when Palestinian terrorists invaded, occupied, and desecrated the Church of the Nativity in Jerusalem? What did they think about those filthy animals urinating and defecating on the altars there and stubbing out cigarettes on priceless artworks? Now, I'm no Christian, but that shit made my blood boil. And now the Mohammedan wants to claim sanctuary in his mosques while firing RPGs from their walls? Bulllllshit. Homey don't play that.

(Photo link courtesy of Global

Posted by Toby Petzold at 8:23 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
The Best Thing in the World
You know what the best thing in the world is these days? Iraqi blogs. I'm just now getting into them and they're fantastic. This may sound extraordinarily condescending, but they're almost like listening to Uncle Herb Simpson's baby translator machine. (You have to be a Simpsons fan to know what I mean.) With beautifully broken English, you can read a people coming alive in their adulthood and see them seeing the world through new eyes.

We and our allies must succeed there, jackson. No question about it.

The day will come when I can fly into Baghdad International Airport, check into a nice locally-owned hotel, pay a local tour guide to show me the sites and to hear him or her brag about their cultural riches, and end the day with a dozen courses of the local cuisine, all the while listening to local musicians play their hearts out for me and the other guests. A bourgeois notion of success and stability you say? Maybe. But tell me how many times a democracy has gone to war with another democracy. I mean real democracies. It's a very rare thing.

Check out Hammorabi to get you started. I'll be adding more Iraqi blog links in the days and months to come.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 6:53 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Hang in There, Matt
Mood:  don't ask
al-Jazeera TV is airing a video of PFC Matt Maupin being held hostage by a bunch of hooded Mohammedan cowards in Iraq. Pvt. Maupin is a 20 year-old Ohioan with an infant son and a wife back home.

Hang in there, young man. I can't imagine how scared you are right now, but your cause is just and altogether righteous.

Burn these fuckers, Mr. President. Burn them all.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 3:12 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Thursday, 15 April 2004
Beverages by Hoffman's, My Friends
One of those little memes that friends and brothers pass around sometimes crop up in the news, such as in this story, although somewhat indirectly.

For whatever reason ---probably because it sounded very Jewish and Yankee--- my brothers and I have been using the phrase that's the title of this post for years. Every time the topic of beverages comes up. I think it was some local NYC TV talk show host that Billy Crystal was parodying. Maybe someone can help me out on this one.

Anyway, let's all preserve these vestiges of the past in whatever ways we can.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 10:41 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Updated: Thursday, 15 April 2004 10:45 PM CDT
Some Cold Fury
Help yourself to a little bit o' Cold Fury and his anger over the utterly underreported story of Jamie Gorelick's conflict of interest.

You really have to ask yourself what the hell is going on here when she is one of the civil liberties freaks from Clinton's DOJ who made it almost impossible for counterintelligence and law enforcement to work hand in hand domestically. And now she's sitting in judgement of the Bush Administration? Unfuckingbelievable!

As I alluded to before, this is entirely similar to Allen Dulles, who was shitcanned by JFK, being appointed by Lyndon Johnson to sit on the Warren Commission. Just how impartial was a man who was fired from his job as Director of Central Intelligence going to be in investigating the assassination of the man who was the one who fired him?

The Kean Commission is a poorly-told joke thats only distinction in history will be to rival the Warren Commission in the extent of their essential worthlessness.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 9:09 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Abraham Lincoln Would've Had This Turd Arrested
There can be no question that Michael Moore is an anti-American sack of shit, especially if one reads the treasonous things he sees fit to print.

One of the reasons there's so many Americans who don't seem to realize that there's a war on is that we are not being called on to make sacrifices. The reality doesn't seem to have settled in on some. I think Moore should go to Iraq and film some Muslim extremists murdering Americans. He should take it all in and then tell us how he can, in good conscience, take the side of these vermin.

But, above all, Moore should continue to speak and make his appearances. He is like an anode for shit and other kinds of Leftists in the body politic. Let them all be tainted by association. Let Hollywood and the Bushitler crowd smear themselves all over with the shit of their wretched ideology until Middle America gets a good strong whiff of them.

And then it'll be time to vote.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 8:21 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
One of Kerry's Allies
Here is a helpful profile of Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shiite politician-cleric who has been the main instigator of the violence against the American forces in Karbala, an Najaf, and elsewhere.

John Kerry may think al-Sadr's a "legitimate voice" in Iraqi affairs, but his countrymen mostly think he's a greenhorn who's just in it for the money and power. Add to that his well-documented connections to Iran and it's pretty clear that he is an example in dire need of being made.

All he really is now is a renegade with a murder warrant on his head. I hope the next few days will find him with a Marine's foot on his throat.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 7:57 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
"Osama" and the Dhimmicrats: Down on Halliburton
It is my personal belief that Osama bin Laden died at Tora Bora some two and a half years ago and that these messages he keeps sending to his friends at al-Jazeera are actually the handiwork of his disciples. It doesn't really matter, though, because the idea of Osama has power for both the bad guys and us: they can use his image and voice to motivate the lunatics to do violence and we can make him a perpetual object on our way to killing as many of these savages as we can across the Muslim world.

However, the latest Osama message was particularly striking in its poll-tested tone. It could almost have been written by or some other "patriotic" organization. It is a mixture of a truce-offering to Europe and jihad against the Zionist-Occupied Government on the Potomac (and elsewhere): get out of Iraq and we'll let you be, but steer clear of Americans and Jews, whom we still want to kill a bunch of.

Right. So, what else is new? Besides the Spaniards, who always give in to fascists, I don't think any of the other white people are going to leave until the job gets done. There are just too many good reasons to fight for Iraq's future, so OBL is SOL.

But at least his message will give Kerry and his fellow-travelers some good talking points. I mean, after all, if even Osama is down on the corporate imperialism of Halliburton, isn't that proof enough of the anti-war Left's wisdom in deeming this whole war a "big-time" oil grab? Disgusting, isn't it, that Osama bin Laden's rhetoric so closely resembles that of the Democratic Party?

A vote for John Kerry is a vote for those who hate America.

In case you forgot.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 6:51 PM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Jamie Gorelick Dulles
Why is former Clinton deputy AG Jamie Gorelick sitting on the Kean Commission when there's such an obvious conflict of interest? Check out what the New York Post has to say about this problem. Gorelick is one of the main reasons why the relationship between our national intelligence and police services was so dysfunctional in the years leading up to 11 September 2001.

Kean is wrong about Gorelick's status. She has already been in the position of having to recuse herself from questioning certain witnessess; isn't that evidence enough that her appointment to the Commission is inherently questionable?

Enough of this "bipartisan" crap: Gorelick should resign.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 10:04 AM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Have a Look at John Kerry's UN
Why aren't the Dhimmicratically-controlled big media outlets saying more about this story? The UN is crooked from top to bottom, and the more Kerry drones on and on about "consensus-building" with our "allies" there, the more the stink is going to cling to him. Enjoy!

Posted by Toby Petzold at 9:23 AM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Two Countries
Sure. Let there be an Israel and a Palestine. Let them be walled off from each other. And, then, when the disease of Palestinian terrorism rears its head again on Israeli soil, as it will, let the IDF go on the offensive and invade their neighbor, which will be in a state of war against Israel. One sovereign state at war against another. Then we'll see who wins.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 3:59 AM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Wednesday, 14 April 2004
According to a story in the British newspaper, The Age, British commanders think that the Americans are using disproportionate measures to combat the insurgents. One "senior official" says:

"....part of the problem was that American troops viewed Iraqis as untermenschen - the Nazi expression for 'sub-humans'.

"Speaking from his base in southern Iraq, the officer said: 'My view and the view of the British chain of command is that the Americans' use of violence is not proportionate and is over-responsive to the threat they are facing. They don't see the Iraqi people the way we see them. They view them as untermenschen. They are not concerned about the Iraqi loss of life in the way the British are.'

"The phrase untermenschen - literally 'under-people' - was brought to prominence by Adolf Hitler in his book
Mein Kampf, published in 1925. He used the term to describe those he regarded as racially inferior: Jews, Slavs and gypsies."

Sure. Americans have a lot to learn about race relations from the former owners of India, South Africa, Rhodesia, Palestine, and Hong Kong. Besides that, it's sweet of our allies to compare our men to Nazis.

As for comment.

(Notice of The Age article courtesy of Deep Blade.)

Posted by Toby Petzold at 10:57 AM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Updated: Wednesday, 14 April 2004 11:08 AM CDT
Chris Matthews, Handicapped
Jesus, Chris Matthews is annoying! This loudmouth doesn't even feign interest in his guests' attempted answers to his bullying questions. Clearly, human beings who are placed around him at his desk are there to serve as props for his "dialogues" and to deaden the acoustic feedback of his barking horseshit.

MSNBC sucks. I just watch it for the chicks.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 10:28 AM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink
Enough with the Prostitutes!
Dorothy Rabinowitz, in a thoroughly enjoyable Wall Street Journal Media Blog posting, captures my feelings about these 9-11 survivor-victim-hero-goddesses perfectly. Their 15 minutes should have elapsed by now, but the major media keeps pimping them out.

As the President reminded John Roberts ---or, whoever the tool was last night who asked whether he was going to apologize for the atrocities of 11 September--- the person who ordered those deaths was Osama bin Laden. In other words, if you victimophiles want an apology so fucking much, go dig up the original towelhead-terrorist and beat it out of him. But you're not going to get an apology out of the President because he's not the one who committed those 3,000 murders.

Why is that not understood? What's wrong with people who think an apology is in order from those who did not do the crime and who could not have stopped it? The word is perversion. Go look it up.

Posted by Toby Petzold at 3:41 AM CDT | Post Comment | Permalink

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